Essential Software

A list of software that I use, and recommend. Also see this link.

"Normal" Stuff

  • Ubuntu - Linux for my home desktop 
  • Firefox - Web Browser
  • Thunderbird - Email Client
  • AVG - Anti virus
  • Kerio - Firewall [Make sure you choose the "advanced mode" while installation. It's not that tough]
  • Free Download Manager - Download Manager
  • 7-zip - File compression utility [can work for .rar, .zip etc.] 
  • FreeMind - Mind Map Tool [a cool way to store ideas]
  • Notepad++ - Windows Based Text Editor [when not using emacs]
  • SlickRun - Makes it easy to launch often used programs
  • PDF Creator - free, open source tool to create PDFs

"Techy"  Stuff

  • Cygwin -  Linux/Unix for Windows
  • Putty - A very good SSH client
  • MiKTeX - LaTeX for Windows
  • GhostView and GhostScript - for viewing and converting ps files
  • GNU Emacs - my editor of choice
  • Process Explorer - for seeing a list of processes. Much better than the usual windows task manager
  • CrossLoop - Fast, free remote assistance utility
  • Hijack This - Download, run, save log and email to a g33ky friend to help in diagnosing why your machine runs so slow :)
  • Unlocker - Useful for deleting those pesky files which windows says are "in use and cannot be deleted"